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  • Perfect Gray Dog Collar

    Perfect Gray Dog Collar


    • $20.00

    Dark and light gray woven into a herring bone pattern over a sturdy and
    flexible core making it a soft and strong collar without webbing material.
    Shown in Ultra Soft style, also available with standard black webbing*

    Sizing Chart

    X-Small, Small & Petite come in 3/4" width

    Medium, Large & X-Large come in 1" width


    Standard Buckle                             Martingale

    X-Small 7-11" length                    X-Small 8-12" length 

    Small 10-15" length                      Small 10-15" length 

    Petite 11-19" length                      Petite 14-19" length 

    Medium 11-19" length                  Medium 14-19" length 

    Large 15-24" length                       Large 18-24" length 

    X-Large 17-29" length                   X-Large 20-29" length 


    *The ultra soft style is made from 100% cotton cloth stitched over a sturdy but flexible core without the webbing for the tal wagger with a more sensitive skin.

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